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Sally Wood


Estate Sales Administration is the researching, sorting, organizing, pricing, and displaying of merchandise. This includes the advertising and management of sale. We have been conducting estate sales since 1986. Our clients include historic homes of Newnan and surrounding areas. One of our latest historic homes was the Historic Mt. Pleasant located in Covington Ga. We also host estate sales (when someone has passed away) or tag sales (moving or downsizing) of all sizes. 

Estate Appraisals - are appraisals often required by banks, trust companies or attorneys following a death.  Ascertaining the value of general household items, art, jewelry and collectibles is the most usual aspect of this type of appraisal.

Legal Appraisals - most often used to help settle disputes, such as divorce proceedings.  Again, valuation of general household items as well as antiques and collectibles is oftentimes necessary.

Insurance Appraisals - useful in situations where a client may be attempting to ascertain values before insuring an item or after an item has been damaged and  a claim has been filed.  

*Photos and measurements are made during each appraisal.